We Live in Ohio. We Serve Ohio.

Gasearch is a Youngstown, Ohio-based company offering energy services to commercial and industrial accounts. Our customers include steel mills, schools, universities, hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and nursing care facilities, among others.

We pride ourselves in supplying only locally produced natural gas from the East Ohio region. Ohio’s natural gas industry employs thousands of people, and we feel a strong loyalty to our customers and producers who are integral contributors to our economy. Additionally, by buying locally produced gas, we eliminate some of the heavy transportation costs associated with the interstate pipeline and pass that savings on to our customers.

Since 2000, Gasearch has remained at the forefront of natural gas suppliers through a combination of competitive rates and reliable service. We have consistently maintained a 99% customer retention rate since our inception.

We offer a fair price with incomparable service and reliability.

We are Youngstown proud!


Susan Faith

President + CEO


Lisa Johnson

Operations Coordinator


Chuck Schiffhauer

Energy Consultant


Mark DiBattiste

Energy Consultant